James on KTLA

While I’ve been on TV a couple of times, it was never planned. I was simply walking on the street in the right place at the right time. I hadn’t been prepared and simply answered whatever question they put to me about the news of the day. I’ve been eager to have an interview.

A team member in the Shopping Division, Matt Kirkwood, reached out to KTLA and got an interview for what we know about Black Friday deals coming up. Then a couple of other team members, Mike Flacy, Kristin Cook, & Joe Warner, found some really great deals that would be happening in store.

Then the magic happened!  I went to KTLA’s Hollywood studio for the filming.  This was also a first for me, the small town PA boy walked onto a Hollywood studio lot.  All the prep work seemed to pay off, and they taped me for the Black Friday 2014 Deals segment.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 8.12.13 PM


Halloween Spiders!

I love all the nature we have in Los Angeles.  It’s not something we saw a lot of back in NYC.  It sometimes seems like we’re living in a nature preserve while being in a city at the same time.  For instance, just in time for Halloween, a bunch of spiders came out to hang with us.  Verena still hasn’t made friends with them, but I’m fascinated. Scarlet doesn’t seem to mind either.